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Upcoming Webinar

Using Azara Patient Outreach (APO) & CareMessage for a Robust Patient Engagement Strategy 

Thursday, March 23 @ 12PM ET

Azara Patient Outreach (APO), which is powered by CareMessage technology, is a fantastic way to conduct targeted, automated outreach programs to patients. Implementing the full CareMessage patient engagement platform will allow your Health Center to expand on what you are currently doing, with additional opportunities to drive efficiency, connect via 1:1 and group communication, and promote health education.

In this webinar, the CareMessage clinical and product teams will walk through how adding usage of the CareMessage platform helps health centers who are using Azara Patient Outreach to expand options for patient outreach and improve efficiency.. Two customers who currently use both APO and CareMessage will talk about their experiences and successes; Alkida Kasapi, Population Health Manager from Greater Roslindale Health Organization and Randall Carlyle, Chief Quality Officer from Care South Carolina. We’ll be joined by Sam Bar, Solutions Engineer at Azara Healthcare.

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