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HealthEfficient to Enhance Patient Communication through Preferred Partnership with CareMessage

We are proud to be partnering with HealthEfficient to enhance patient communication amongst their health center members! We are excited about the potential impact of this partnership- both in fulfilling patient needs and improving operational and clinical efficiency.

From Clinical Publications

Text Messaging and Opt-out Mailed Outreach in Colorectal Cancer Screening: a Randomized Clinical Trial

Text messaging with opt-out mailed FIT kit outreach can substantially improve colorectal cancer screening rates in an underserved population

From Webinars

Cancer Screening in Underserved Patient Populations – Unmet Needs and Communication Strategies

Cancer screening rates dropped 13-25% from March 2020 through March 2021, but North Country Healthcare, an FQHC located in Arizona, has used text messaging and other innovative strategies to help screening rates up despite the pandemic.

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Five Tech Nonprofit Entrepreneurs Who Made A Big Impact In 2021

CareMessage Co-Founder Cecilia Corral was featured in Forbes’' list of Five Tech Nonprofit Entrepreneurs Who Made a Big Impact in 2021!

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