Designed to improve the health of underserved populations

The rising use of mobile technology in underserved communities presents an enormous opportunity to educate patients in need.

CareMessage uses text messaging to connect with patients at scale.

Enhanced Care. Proven Results.

With over 70% retention rates in our programs, our team has built the expertise to reach and engage underserved populations like never before.

CareMessage Outcomes

A FQHC in Southern California messaged 51,784 lapsed patients. 11,943 called to schedule an appointment.

CareMessage Outcomes

A single text message was sent to 3,085 female patients. 846 scheduled a Cervical Cancer Screening within a month.

CareMessage Outcomes

In a randomized study, patients in the CareMessage program lost 7x more weight.

CareMessage Outcomes

A free clinic in North Carolina filled their mammogram appointment slots in 3 days.

CareMessage Outcomes

For a Health System in Texas, Childhood Immunizations rose from 62% to 80%.

How it works

From your first message to helping evaluate your success, we will be with you every step of the way.

Your Experience

Our system can detect if the phone number provided is in fact a mobile or landline number and can help you optimize your messaging to reach patients how they want to be messaged.

Patient Experience

Our programs are written and reviewed by clinical staff and are designed to address holistic mental and physical health. They address the most common barriers faced by underserved populations.

Measurable Results

Analyze metrics such as response rates, retention rates, and overall engagement. Understand which messages and languages resonate best with your patient population for each messaging campaign.

Targeted Messages

Our team offers a library of preventive care and health campaign messages that are pre-translated and reviewed by clinicians to meet national clinical guidelines.

The Benefits of Better Engagement

We partner with healthcare organizations to bring mobile technologies to the underserved and use our platform to communicate critical health information to their patient populations.

Reduce No-Shows and MWOVs
Send appointment reminders and reach new patients.
Improve HEDIS and UDS Measures
Simplify high volume patient outreach to fill screening and preventive appointments.
Decrease Cost of Care
Spend less on call centers and outreach. Touch patients when care is most critical.
Achieve Better Outcomes
Increase adherence and follow-up through education and regular communication.
Increase Patient Satisfaction
Use positive communication to improve the way your patients feel about you and the way they rate your organization.

What Our Customers Say

"Every time I turn around someone else is looking to use CareMessage for another purpose or asking if they can use it for patient education…CareMessage is becoming part of our culture."

- Government Contracts Officer, FQHC in Texas

“When I go to an appointment and the doctors only speak in English, the volunteers they provide to interpret for you don't fully explain the conversation and you are left with a lot of missing information from your doctor. The text messages explain things better.”

- Patient enrolled in a Type 2 Diabetes Program

“CareMessage allows us to provide a more tailored approach to our patient’s medical care while making the most out of our limited time.”

- Case Manager, FQHC in Iowa

“I prefer the text message over a postcard or email reminder because the text makes me think ‘let me call them now.’ When the mail comes, I set it down and don’t think about it for a couple of days.”

- Patient who received a cancer screening reminder text

“ [CareMessage's] concept is so spot on … we continue to use it daily and have decreased our no show rates tremendously. This goes a long way in the free world— more people being seen, bigger return on investment, larger impact on our community.”

- Executive Director, Free Clinic in North Carolina

“The texting program became a positive reminder that I was progressing, like a friend cheering me on to help me quit smoking.”

- Patient who completed the CareMessage Smoking Cessation Program

“I like that I am reminded every day of my health, that I am important, and that people care about me. The automated text messaging system is the only thing that reminds me.”

- Patient enrolled in a Type 2 Diabetes Program