Make Underserved Populations Healthier

CareMessage uses mobile technology to make underserved populations healthier.

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“With the text messages, you make us feel like we are valued human beings, that we will overcome this illness.”

Maria Vásquez, Type 2 Diabetes program graduate

Healthcare providers want to provide quality care in an efficient and cost-effective way, but staffing constraints and traditional methods often leave providers ill-equipped. Caring for their patient populations, particularly those disproportionately affected by poor health outcomes, can seem like an added burden to their already constrained schedules.

New health technologies are often designed with the assumption that all users are alike, have access to technology, are English language speakers, and are able to allocate resources to their health. This one-size-fits-all approach is not working. We envision a world where we empower healthcare organizations to deliver high quality healthcare, regardless of location or resources, while improving outcomes for all patients.

In the United States, low-income and less educated individuals use text messaging 2-4 times more than those of a higher income or higher education level. Text messages have a 98% open rate, making them a more effective mode of communication than email or patient portals. CareMessage customers have found over 85% of their patients have unlimited text messaging.

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By using universal design principles, CareMessage improves the health of underserved populations. With over 70% retention rates in our programs, our team has built the expertise to reach and engage underserved populations like never before.

Since 2013, CareMessage customers have added over one million patients to CareMessage and have sent over 10 million messages. From small free clinics to large health plans, our customers have continuously shown reductions in no-show rates, increases in preventive screenings, and improvements in clinical outcomes. Learn more in our outcomes section.

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“A diabetic patient new to insulin regimen was struggling to remember to check blood sugar and use his insulin on a consistent basis. I offered to set up the text to send him messages three times a day for two weeks, to see if we could get a routine established. He agreed. Today I called him to see how that was going. He said ‘I have not missed one time with your texts. I even hurried up to get it done last night so I could beat the text. Thanks for helping me with this, I feel better and my sugar is better.’”

Family Nurse Practitioner in Illinois

Customers use CareMessage to communicate critical health information to their patient populations, and they are not alone. Our team of experts is here to help them develop the best strategies to reach their patients. From appointment reminders to health education, we partner with healthcare organizations to bring mobile technologies to the underserved.

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