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Powering the care of underserved populations

CareMessage leverages technology to bridge the needs of safety net organizations and underserved populations.

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Our Platform

A messaging platform designed exclusively for safety net organizations

From clinical to operational to social services, we understand the unique challenges of working with underserved populations. Our platform helps centralize and automate communication while providing personalized support to help underserved populations meet their goals.


Empower your team; impact patient outcomes at scale

CareMessage has proven text messaging is the most effective way to engage underserved populations. Our experience with hundreds of FQHCs, Free Clinics, and other safety net organizations, and millions of underserved patients nationwide, allows us to share the latest advancements in patient engagement. With our platform, organizations see improved staff efficiency, improvements in clinical quality measures and reimbursements, reductions in no shows, and an overall increase in patient satisfaction.

Our Reach

Largest patient engagement organization for the underserved in the United States








Messages Exchanged

2021 Publication with the University of Pennsylvania

17.7 percentage point increase in FIT kit return in the intervention arm (19.1%) compared to the control arm (1.4%, p < 0.001)
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2018 Publication with the University of California at Berkeley

0.4 reduction in HbA1c levels among diabetes patients at 2 FQHCs using CareMessage's diabetes health coaching program
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Reduction in no-shows from 35–38% to 17–18% across dental, behavioral health and primary care

Saban Community Clinic reduced no-shows using CareMessage Appointments with Epic OCHIN
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2020 Publication with the Stanford Prevention Research Center

RCT testing the effectiveness of physical activity advice delivered via CareMessage's text messaging system vs. human phone advisors
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76% of patients schedule a mammogram

Lone Star Circle of Care increased the number of patients scheduled for a mammogram using CareMessage outreach
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SDoH Survey Responses increase from 36% to 86%

Axis Community Health increased the number of completed SDoH surveys using CareMessage's outreach feature
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2020 Publication with Feeding America

Significant improvements in food bank client food security status, physical activity, and depression scores using CareMessage programs and outreach
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2017 Publication with the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients lost an average of 6.9 lbs and decreased ALT levels using CareMessage's programs
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