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in healthcare.

As a tool designed specifically for safety-net healthcare organizations and the vulnerable populations that they serve, the pursuit of equity is ingrained in our mission. It is also ingrained in the culture of our organization, every day and at every level.




We CARE about our values


We are a distributed, all-remote team where everyone works together to make an impact. We do this by keeping a growth mindset, embracing and learning from failures, and an attitude of winning or losing together.


We are strong in our convictions and advocate for the customers and patients we serve. We take action on insights gained through empathy to improve outcomes for our patient populations and improve our customers' experiences with our products.


We are committed, honest, and take our work seriously. We achieve big impactful goals with independent problem solving, accountability, initiative, and data-driven impact.


We empathize with and respect each other, our customers, and the underserved populations they serve.  To do our best work for our patients we must treat each other with care, create an inclusive environment for all team members, and prioritize our own wellbeing.

We are a 100% Remote Company — Always

Our team members work wherever they like — their home, favorite coffee shop, or on the beach — during the hours that best suit their lifestyles.‍

We’ve found that remote employees have more freedom, increased productivity, and the ability to keep a healthy work-life balance. Being a fully remote team since 2019 has also empowered us to work with the best talent from all around the world including team members in Brazil, India, and the United States.

Interested in learning more about remote work? Read about the experiences of our team.

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We Value Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our founders built CareMessage with a commitment to diversity and inclusion not because it's good for business, but because you cannot strive for improving healthcare equity with a team that is not diverse and equitable, as well. We value the different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives our employees bring to our team.

Visible from our founding team and our board to our leadership team and every team member, a diversity of people are the beating heart of CareMessage. We actively invest in diversity, equity, and inclusion. A few of the practical ways we do this include:

  • Continually reviewing and improving our equitable hiring processes
  • Ensuring that all team members performing the same role at the same level are paid the same regardless of where they are in the world – no need to negotiate
  • Making time and budget investments in our Employee Resource Groups

We Invest in Benefits That Matter to You

We take care of our employees by offering competitive salaries and benefits packages. We ensure our team feels cared for so that we, in turn, can help support our safety net organizations and underserved populations.

We give you time off to thrive

Half-day Fridays

take a half-day off every Friday

9 Wellness Days

to be used for anything that comes up in life or self-care

18 Paid Holidays

including a 5-day mid-year break and a 5-day end-of-year break

15 Vacation Days

Plus a 1-month paid sabbatical (20 working days) after your 4-year anniversary

We compensate fairly and equitably

Competitive Pay

All team members performing the same role at the same level are paid the same regardless of where they are in the world, benchmarked to competitive California pay

Paid Parental Leave

For our team members who are becoming parents of biological and adopted children

Flexible Work Hours

Wherever you live, work during the hours you perform at your best

We support your health, wellness, and growth

Comprehensive Insurance

Generous employer contribution toward medical, dental, and vision insurance for you and your families

Health Savings

and Flexible Spending Accounts with a little employer contribution to get you going

Access to Support

Employee assistance and wellness programs, including concierge support for childcare and family planning services, as well as access to fitness and mindfulness programs

Professional Development

Budget for professional and personal development (webinars, online courses, books, and more)

Make an Impact — Join Our Team

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