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Webinar: Uncovering Strategies To Engage Rural Patient Populations Through Texting

The obstacles faced by health care providers and patients in rural areas are vastly different than those in urban areas. Economic factors, cultural and social differences, educational shortcomings, and the sheer isolation of living in remote areas all conspire to create health care disparities and impede rural patients in their struggle to lead healthy lives.

In this session we covered:

  • Strategies to improve access to care in rural communities through text messaging
  • The benefits & impact of strategic text messaging during COVID-19 and beyond to increase connectivity with underserved patients in rural areas
  • How you can implement CareMessage's free messaging (CMLight) at your organization

As a mission-driven non-profit technology company, CareMessage focuses solely on the underserved with more than 200 safety-net provider partners in nearly 40 states and nearly four million active underserved patient users. In the last few months, CareMessage has enabled over 190 of its FQHC, FQHC look-a-like and Free & Charitable Clinic partners to send over 20 million messages related to COVID-19.

View the presentation slides here and watch our recorded session below:



To learn more about how CareMessage is helping FQHCs, Free Clinics, and other safety net organizations across the country respond to COVID-19 through our free COVID-19 messaging platform (CMLight), fill out the form below! 


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