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National Health Center Week with CareMessage

As one of the few non-profit patient communication technology vendors that dedicate ourselves to FQHCs and CHCs, National Health Center Week (NHCW) is a highlight of the CareMessage calendar year. 

We’re happy to celebrate the organizations that do so much to keep America’s communities healthy and engaged — and that’s why we want to look back at National Health Center Week 2019 (NHCW) and take a quick peek at what we have planned for the future.

National Health Center Week: The CareMessage Perspective

We see NHCW as an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness around the accomplishments of our outstanding health center partners and refresh our commitment to improving the health of underserved populations. 

We know that our partners are busy providing innovative solutions for their patients, and NHCW is a yearly opportunity to focus on all they do. This year, from August 4-10, each day of NHCW was dedicated to a different aspect of health center responsibility. 

  • Sunday: Social Determinants Day (Creating Nutrient-Rich Soil)
  • Monday: Healthcare for the Homeless Day
  • Tuesday: Agricultural Worker Health Day
  • Wednesday: Patient Appreciation Day
  • Thursday: Stakeholder Appreciation Day
  • Friday: Health Center Staff Appreciation Day
  • Saturday: Children’s Health Day

This week has been recognized by Congress and proclamations have been issued by multiple Presidents of the United States as well as governors and mayors in 30 states across the country. In the last few years, we’ve seen so much new energy behind NHCW! 

In 2016, more than 1,650 events were reported and it generated more than 200 state and local media clips and almost 30 million Twitter impressions!

Why We Celebrate NHCW

There’s no other time of year that our health centers see this kind of focus, and that’s why this is such an important time at CareMessage. 

The U.S. houses over 14,000 FQHCs and health centers serve more than 28 million patients — a number that’s growing — meaning that every day, FQHCs and CHCs are doing even more to meet the demand for affordable primary care, address social determinants of health, and help  underserved patients feel valued and empowered to achieve the best version of their health. 

We absolutely love this year’s theme, “Rooted in Communities” — it was a perfect representation of the positive impact that health centers have on their communities and their local neighborhoods. It also emphasized the fact that health centers learn, grow, and are shaped by the needs of the people and places they serve.

Come Meet us at NACHC CHI!

We’d love to tell you more and discuss how we can include you in our plans for next year (and even help you celebrate at your center!). So if you’ll be attending NACHC CHI, come visit us at Booth #320! We’re hosting a few free events — view the schedule here to save your spot.

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